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The Bar Factory develops, produces and packages custom-made private label health food and sports supplements that allow you to make a difference in the market. Your idea and our expertise, in the taste of the target group.

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Our Story

Passion for innovation in health & active nutrition is what The Bar Factory stands for. We decided it should be more accessible and easier to bring unique health foods and sports supplements to the market. Innovative products, with which we can inspire people to get the best out of themselves every day by pursuing an active and healthy lifestyle. This passion and determination proved to be a seamless fit with market demand.

The combination of a full-service offering, clear communication via short lines and concept development based on co-creation is our formula for success. Since our company was founded, the products and services offered by The Bar Factory have expanded considerably, but the intrinsic motivation is still just as strong. Continue to innovate and invest in a healthier and active world!

The Bar Factory & the future

The Bar Factory is determined to help our partners successfully conquer the turbulent health & active nutrition market. Besides quality and innovation, we consider flexibility a key concept, as we believe that integral agility is the only way to recognise and seize opportunities in time. The Bar Factory has grown into a dynamic and vibrant company. With a talented and expert team, specialist product knowledge, an extensive partner network and our own production facility in the Netherlands, we are 100% future-proof. You too?

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