The basis for a successful private label brand

The process in 6 steps

Step 1

Plan (take stock of your product range)

Step 2

Brand choice
(standardised or customised product)

Step 3

Developing recipes
(basic range or unique recipe)

Step 4


(taste and refine your products)

Step 5

Packaging and design

Step 6

Delivery and
transport of your products

Compose your bars in 4 steps

Step 1 - Choose a protein base

Milk protein

  • Base with sugar
  • Sugar-free base

In this, almost anything is possible in terms of flavour. We can use all MixMasters' flavourings for this.


Vegan protein

(base still under development) In this, almost anything is possible in terms of flavour. We can use all MixMasters' flavourings for this.

Step 2 - Choose a chocolate coating

Chocolate with sweetener

  • Malchoc W (white chocolate with sweetener)
  • Malchoc M (milk chocolate with sweetener)
  • MALCHOC-D (dark chocolate with sweetener)
  • BELGICA VITA D (dark chocolate with sweetener)

Chocolate with sugar

  • Lubeca white chocolate
  • Lubeca milk chocolate
  • Lubeca dark chocolate

Step 3 - Choose a possible topping

Choose a possible topping

  • Caramel,
  • Chocolate,
  • Lemon/citrus,
  • Strawberry,
  • Vanilla

Step 4 - Double coating

Double coating

Choose a possible crisp

  • Soy crispies 80%,
  • Soy crispies cocoa 60%,
  • Milk protein crispies 60%,
  • Milk protein crispies cocoa 60%,

Single coating

Choose a possible piece for on top

  • Hazelnut pieces,
  • Almond pieces,
  • Apricot pieces (perhaps request other fruit pieces?)
  • Sprinkles (different colours, white, pink, mixed)

MOQ: standard range from 30,000 pieces

Indication of how many pieces - per flavour you need to purchase.

Minimum order of standard range from 30,000 pieces
Private label bars from 50,000 units.

Indication of start-up costs

The Bar Factory supplies custom-made private label products that allow you to stand out directly in the market. We work efficiently, are very flexible and like to think along with you.

Food safety program

€275,- Per year

Label Design

Indicative price


Standard recipe: from 30,000 pcs.
Tailor-made: from 50,000 pcs.

Are you ready

To conquer the market?

As an experienced Dutch producer of various functional bars, we produce the products your brand needs for a kickstart.

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