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Project steps and development

  1. Once we receive the request, we will develop a recipe and give you the preliminary specifications with indicative quotation.
  2. Once you have agreed on both the specifications and the indicative quotation, we will make a hand sample in the laboratory and send it to you by courier.
  3. After the hand samples are approved, we schedule a machine test and, if found to be good, we make the final specifications.
  4. Optionally, you can develop your packaging label together with our designer.
  5. We will then issue a final offer with all the prerequisites for your individual product.
  6. If you place an order with us, in most cases we can deliver your product to the desired delivery address in 3 to 6 weeks.
  1. The development of new products involves costs. However, you will get these back in the form of a discount when you place an order.
  2. The development of a unique label design in your corporate identity involves costs. Our designers are happy to help with a standardised packaging design or a customised label. Ask us about the possibilities and rates.

We need a briefing with, if possible, detailed information about the required product. You can use the contact form to request our intake form which you can use to fully map out your product requirements.

We have a broad network of suppliers of, among other things, packaging and raw materials. This enables us to purchase a wide range of ingredients directly at competitive prices. All the ingredients we buy meet the strictest quality requirements. Because of our strict requirements, we can guarantee the highest possible quality. If we have to purchase a specific ingredient for your product, all quality documents must be made available and its suitability must be verified on the basis of our quality policy.

We can pack your product in flowpack film and, if required, in display outer boxes. All packaging materials we procure meet the strictest quality requirements. If we need to procure specific packaging for your product, all quality documents must be made available and its suitability verified based on our quality policy.

We always develop and produce our functional bars in accordance with each customer's individual requirements. Our core competence is to develop and sell products that differentiate us from contract manufacturing. We will give you a fully developed product and suitable specifications for declaration. We do not hand over the exact formulation or individual components of a formulation.

The Bar Factory does not have a standard product range. All products are developed exclusively for your brand and tailored to your individual requirements. For this reason, there are no standard items or price list(s).

The average lead time between agreement on the final quotation and the delivery date of your finished product is often between 3 and 6 weeks. Of course, this depends on the availability of the chosen ingredients, packaging materials product labels.

Collection quantities

Standardised range from 10,000 bars per batch

Developed range from:
30,000 bars per batch


At The Bar Factory, quality and product safety have top priority. That is why we work according to HACCP guidelines and are FSSC 22000 certified.

A product specification is sent with every product that we develop. This product specification includes the following information:

  • Ingredients list,
  • Nutritional value,
  • Packaging information,
  • Allergen information,
  • Quality information on product safety (microbiology, heavy metals, dioxins and PCBs, pesticide residues, etc.)

common vegan products include protein bars, energy bars, protein cakes or diet bars.


The Bar Factory can produce a variety of functional bars.

See the list below for common end products:

  • Protein bars
  • Energy bars
  • Protein cakes
  • Diet bars
  • Nutritional bars

The above products can come in an infinite number of flavours. We have a variety of flavour options. Please enquire with one of our experts.

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